Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Last Step..

19th July 2011

And so the dreaded week came and i was found to be... LOST! Yeah..the first week really gave me the feeling of being so lost.. was totally out of my senses..didnt know what to do..whom to speak..what to speak.. I know am mature enough to act in a way as I have stepped in the last stage but somehow it wasn’t going inside me and all my heart was asking “where the hell are you..get back home asap”. Anyway had to fight within myself as whatever it is I have to spend 2 years here better get used to it and if am not fine adjusting to it well I really cant do anything about it rather than cribbing which I have developed as a habit of late!! (i know its bad )

Anyway moving on to the you know the first week was dreadful and as i had expected the second week would be the same until god really smiled on me i suppose.. because whatever happens for a reason and i truly believe in it. So the second week was a shock to me when people actually started coming up to me for interaction it sort of felt nice but all the same I was missing my previous college friends..and stuff! So it was a bit difficult but then with the support of everyone I think I made a place there and since the second week its been good but I do have my horrible mood swings when i just want to run away to my old memories.. Haha! I remember once in class I started daydreaming about my previous college life and all i was imagining was they’ve managed to come here in my class and we all are having a gala time.. (and yeah that can never happen ) though the dream was superb until the lecturer snapped me out of my supposedly daydreaming and asked me a question i couldn’t relate to!!! But then I did escape that moment ofcourse with the help of my batchmates ..hehe.

Hmmm so after that life became monotonous..the same schedule and as nervous I was earlier I am still the same.. I’ll take time to adjust really.. other than that life’s goin on.. its keeping me practically on my toes and well that’s nice because at one point of time I wanted all of this and God just answered my wishes so i shouldn’t complain..and well hey I don’t okay! Its just that am speaking my heart out right.. actually not even that.. m blabbering!!! :D And even bhagwanji knows that am so good at that!! Though I know am taking a long time updating it but what do I do this new shuffling in my life has literally made my world upside down!! But its okay because I know how to make it fine and with my people around me I think I’ll be able to survive it. And if not well then Bhagwanji hai na tang karne ke liye.. hehe :D

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