Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Special Blessing.. .

My life took a turn when I entered the last step of my life as you know with all the major shuffling happening in my life since then.. There was one special blessing which i was blessed with which obviously I was unaware of until NOW...

Okay I don’t know where to start from...  whenever I picture you... Just a thought about you brings a smile on my face and also that demented laugh of urs: P so you know what you are to me:P... (p.s. love that smile you’re having now while reading this..

It’s quite funny actually how we never even acknowledged each other irrespective of being in the same class and having exactly the same opinion about each other (which was wrong ok! :P) I mean if I go back to that day 2 years back..It’s so hilarious what we were and what we have turned out to be... :P and let me tell you this today that no regrets J what happened had to happen to make our bond strong and it did indeed..
Today I can’t imagine my life without you.. i mean you are one piece of my life if I lose it my life would be a complete maze.. You are a piece that god designed to fit in my puzzle (life) and only mine mind you: P.. (you know what i mean :P)

I never knew I would actually have someone so close to me after a very long time... I never thought that place in my life can be taken by someone else again... I never thought someone would understand me that well again... I was living my life closing that part of me and never revealing that to anyone.. But you came along.. (My little angel) and just as angels make everything perfect.. You did the same.. Yes SUD you really did that!  I know I have never said all this or hey wait maybe I have :P but I bet you don’t remember them as clearly as I am saying it today :P (and we both know the reason WHY! :P)

Anyway, moving on who knew we would turn out to be this way one day: P but we did and am glad this happened... i am thankful to that wonderful (9th October 2011) night which has made us what we are today together  (touchwood)!! 

I don’t know about you but bhagwanji really blessed me when he gave me you in my life.. my bestest friend all I wanna say is and i know you know favourite line to you .. “mere dil ki yeh dua hai kahin durr tu na jaaye..tere bina ho jeena woh din kabhi naa aaye”  :) :) 

And yeah right now you must be soooo pissed with me because its your birthday and I haven’t wished :P but it’s okay because after reading this i don’t think you’ll be pissed.. :) 

You’re the bestest friend anyone could ever have! You put sense into me when I go completely insane (which happens most of the time :P) and jab tak i don’t hear “kumar please don’t do drama ok” from you i really don’t get back to my senses :P .. You’ve supported me every time and times am also at fault and knowing that also you support me in front of others..woh alag baat hai baad mein meri class lagati ho :P and to be honest i love that! that cutest tone of urs when I apologise and you say with full on attitude “yea its ok” :P deep inside you are smiling but bina attitude ke do u ever do anything? :P but you are one person I have no objections when you give me attitude...because I love yooouuuu soooo muuchhh... and you already know what I can do for you... and excuse me mere bas ki sab kuch hai ok :P (and I proved it that day :P) ..  you’re my strength..and my teacher as well :P you know what you’ve taught me ok :P and my support system irrespective of the fact that am right or wrong.. One thing am sure of is no matter what happens you’ll always be on my side and I know u will don’t show it but I know it :P aaand jitna u cover up naa your feelings and everything with your attitude...I know it all ok! and you also know that :P ..

Okay I have never said this but yeah I really admire you for your undying understanding nature.. I mean seriously Sud.. even am not that understanding and maybe after having you in my life I have become more understanding towards but seriously hats off to your UNDYING UNDERSTANDING NATURE MY GUNDII :P .. hahah you really thought ill miss this here? :P

Am just going through all our pictures..videos.. oh my god sud what a drama we r! But the best moments of our lives ever... oh wait a better way to say it.... time spent with you is always..... LEGEND---wait-for-it----DARY! :P  now please don’t give me that expression of “uff ankita” :P because you knew this had to come :P

And I also remember our fights :P which I don’t think has ever affected our bond in anyway.. no matter how many arguments we may have..I have seen one thing in us.. it doesn’t really effect our bond in anyway.. because we know whatever happens we stay united and thats what makes our bond special...

Thanking Amity only for one sole reason and that is YOU... 

GARIMA SUD  = a gem of a angel for me who is sooo pure at heart..straightforward and would never intentionally hurt a soul, selfless (yup u are.. i proved u that day :P) and hey also mental! (cant forget your demented wali laugh :P and i do it so nice baby :P ) a complete idiot ... arrogant bitch! :P yeah u read that right... :P aaaand a full on drama house :P .. but a friend everyone must have!

 Sticking through the toughest times and dancing in my happiness is what is called a true friend and that is what YOU ARE!

Cant ever forget that unconditional support from you...that belief when I had lost every inch of hope it was only you who kept saying all will be fine.. Knowing everything which wasn’t in favour still giving me blind hope...  aand in the end you won darling..even bhagwanji had to listen naaa...because he also knows what a pure soul you are! Love you all the more for everything SUD!

 And oye.. ill always be with you forever n ever..and can do anything for you my bitch :P J and please not that dialogue again ok :P

Love you lots baby! May god bless you with everything you wish for! 

If I believe in friendship today... its only because of you girl! Thank you for being with me and giving me the best gift of my life... OUR FRIENDSHIP...CHEERS!