Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Friendship So Surreal...!

As the first post in “THE IDIOT TALK” I dedicate this to someone special without whom nothing would have been possible…

I wonder what would be my life without her. Without anyone to scold me on my silly and stupid mistakes. Without that special love and care and that amazing understanding when it comes to understand me and my weird thoughts! Without those special warm hugs which calms me down when I am hyper. And those simple hugs for just nothing!

I picture my life without her and m nowhere. Because this so very special friend of mine completes every picture of my life. Her presence is felt in my life each day. Though I never tell her but only I know how lucky I am to have her in my life!! She was my first friend I made in kindergarten and even today she is the only one whom I trust blindly…

Our first meeting was something I can never forget as we were friends straight away.

This sweet angel took my heart away the very first day she met me. I still remember I couldn’t spell her name right. Never. As after my first day in school when my parents asked me about my friend I never got her name right! Lol. She will kill me for this because she doesn’t know this either. Our sweet friendship took toll from the very first day itself and blossomed into a pretty flower until a thorn came in between. That thorn broke us apart and me as I was the weaker one succumbed to the thorn. I knew I was hurting my sweet friend but I couldn’t do much about it as that thorn took me in its sweetness and everything fake. And I a lil kid just don’t know what to do moved on believing that the thorn is also nice. It will not hurt me and soon there was a bonding with it. A bonding which kept me away from my special friend. Today when I think of it I feel so angry at myself for doing such a thing for hurting her for not working with my brain but well I know I don’t have one that’s why this blog is specially titled “the idiot talk”. Well to add to my defense I was just a lil kid what can u expect?

Soon the days passed by and the kindergarten days were over. We were over with the junior school and were in the middle school when we actually came in touch again. I was so happy to be with her again. It was like the best days of my life in school. Soon the one that took me away became great friends and I thought well the worse is over. We three will be friends forever. But as we all know what we think never happens as god has different plans for all of us. Once again we were separated but the friendship was still there. She was there for me always and vice versa. The bond didn’t break rather we didn’t let it break. I knew it would take time to strengthen this bond again and I was well prepared for it.

Senior school was the turning point of our lives. Finally I woke up from my dream and saw what the world was like. I came to terms with reality that time when I saw it with my eyes how people use you and then throw you. I was all alone and it was then when my special angel held my hand. And promised me that she will never leave this hand ever. The last year in school was hell for me but with her beside me I was all ready to face all my problems and challenges.

She was the one who held my hand when no one was there. She wiped my tears and taught me how to smile in the most difficult situations. She was the one who wrote my troubles in the sand and washed them away with an open hand.

Though I never say it to her this poem is just for her. And I know that after this she is really going to scold me for thanking and stuff as I am her lil baby who she never want to hear thanks from. But today I have to do this for everything you did for me. I love you so much.

You're the one who makes me strong,
You give me the strength to carry on,
When things got tough you were there,
You were the one, the one who cared.

You showed me compassion when i thought all love was dead,
You kept me sane inside my own head.

When other people had given up,
You were the one that held me up.

You wrote my troubles in the sand,
And washed them away with an open hand.

For all the times you pulled me through,
I have just got to say Thank You!!

She held my hand that day and till today we are together and will be always .

Cos I know she will never leave me alone.

Finally I would end this post by defining what she is for me….

She is someone who scolds like a dad, loves like a mother, teases me as a brother, fights with me as a sister and most of all is with me every second of our lives. We may not meet each other often but just a sms or a call is sufficient enough to be there.

She is someone who is not always with me in my happy times but is always there when I am sad. She is someone for who only my happiness matters. She showed me the way to live always with a bright smile on your face.

You really don’t know how I lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you so much for everything saumya. I love you and will always do. And I’m always with you never forget that.