Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time has come and gone...

Now that the beautiful time has gone all i have is memories left.. those memories that made my life worthwhile..those memories which fills my heart with happiness and joy..wishing for all of those to come back. Unfortunately they wont.. 

You came in my life as a perfect stranger..a stranger i never saw before. But there you were standing in front of me looking at me with a question in your eyes. None of us knew what would be the next step as all we were doing was looking at each other assuming things on our own and fighting for answers within us. It was until i spoke to familiar with you that we came to know each other that too formally! :P

But with the end of the day both of us knew something was there..there was this click between us..that connection.. ahh..i wish i could describe it...that feeling is more than words can ever describe.. anyway moving on.. soon a time came when we started knowing each other.. the sweet “hello” and “heyie” which we exchanged i replayed that scene so many times in my head..and kept smiling....

Who knew those sweet little introductory will get us here..where now we both know what we are for each other..anyway i am fast forwarding i guess.. :P yeah so where were we? Yeah! The “hello” and “heyie”(Thats what i replied i love saying heyie don’t know why)! Which replayed in my head the whole day..soon a step taken to know each other.. became friends..and not “just ordinary friends” we became “besties”  aaaand enjoyed each other’s companionship to the the biggest fights aand to the biggest laughter laughed..acting stupid..dreaming of things that wish would have happened and made some of them true..  we were together all along.. all those things made it so worthwhile that even today when i look back i cherish those moments so much...praying and hoping to god for more of those days...

Those little things we did for each other..those sweet little smile for nothing..and the warm hugs that we shared was one of the bestest feeling in this world..when you know even if no one is around..your best friend will always be there no matter what! Although they don’t show it but they do mean alot.. :)

And life as we know it..if it gives you aren’t that far behind as they follow each other always.. so with the happiness gone for a while now..and as the sorrow and as “little low days” set in all i would love to do is go back to those memories...replay them as much as i can and relive them till this time passes... and i hope everything becomes as it was..because without you am really so dull and low! Hope you would understand though i know you would never come to know about this..! :(


  1. :)... live those moments every moment and you will grow... from :( to :)..

    kuch pal ajeeb hote hai.. wo picha nahin karte...
    kuch pal itne ajib hote hai wo picha nahin chodte... :),.. the flavor it gives is like..."black pepper icecream"

  2. @Bhargav : hahahaha... :) black pepper icecream! :) and thank you... :)

  3. well written girl!

    I liked the feel of this read..:-)

  4. @Mishi : thanks dear.. :) this one's my favorite too.. :)

  5. Beautiful.. :) But cheer up girl..there is lot more to come.. :) All d best! :)

  6. @Paramjeet : :) thankee darling..! :)

  7. well written anki pankkii...fallen in luv wid ur writing :* ...keep it up!!!! :D

  8. awwwiiee.. :) thank you so much gariii..means alot! :) :*


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