Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love... A Curse Or A Blessing...

Sometimes LOVE is what you never want!
Love is something everyone wishes for...they say to love and to be loved is kind of a very blessed feeling and not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with that! To have someone whom you can call your **own** is something not everyone has. Those who have are according to me the luckiest and the best people in the world. For me love is a very pure and a divine feeling which you feel for that someone special... but is it necessary that all of us get our **someone special**? They say everyone has their soul mates..and they do meet eventually! Well..if that’s true then why are people still suffering because of love? This question always crosses my mind somewhere or the other because people are dying for true love those who don’t deserve it get the best of everything..and the one who deserves it gets just emptiness in return...why?

Sometimes love is a blessing and sometimes a curse.. and for people like myself i think its a curse because what i always desire for is what i never get. Still to accept and to live with it is kind of my habit but today as i pen down my thoughts on it i feel I have been putting off lots of work because of this four letter word.. its truly said Love either destroys you..or makes you! And in my case i think it has destroyed me..my belief in almost everything. I understand that everything happens for a reason..but till when will i fool myself with this foolish statement? The truth is some people are damn lucky to have such pure and gentle human being in their lives and some people are just NOT! They might have everything to fulfil their needs but LOVE is something not everybody gets it. All of us fall in love.. but the question is how many of them will really last?

Its truly said a bitter experience really makes a man taste sour in almost about everything..and after all whatever has been happening around me..with me.. i a hopeless romantic really doesn’t believe in this word LOVE.. which is why now i think arrange marriages are the best marriages.. Atleast the *love* word doesn’t have such a big value in it.. Though , eventually it does come in later..but at a stage where both of them know what they are..who they are and with an assurity that they’ll cope up with everything in life with each other’s support and care. But somewhere or the other its going to be a compromise.. and i think my life’s going to be a compromise from now on.


  1. "what i always desire for is what i never get "...

    by saying so .. you have defined love... never ever do that coz once you define, you limit it, and you expect it...

    LOVE is divine... a holy feel, js enjoy that feel with or in shadows of that someone special, the opposite if he/she really loves you will one day for sure undertand the mistake and will return back...

    jz enjoy those moments and live those moments every moment, am sure it will help you and it will grow you in LOVE..

    cheers ankita...

  2. I agree with Bhargav. Yet again, i laud you for your expression, and the hold over language, which allows you to easily convey feelings entrenched deep into your heart to the readers. However, you must not give into any cynicism, ever. Life is a beautiful experience, and love is what makes life beautiful. We are always getting lots of love, but not always from the direction we desire. Love is about giving and forgiving. This is what my experiences have taught me.

  3. @Bhargav : thanks for reading my blog.. and yeaa maybe you're right but what if the love i have been waiting for never comes to me only? or it is there but we can never be together? :(

  4. @Saumya : Thank you so much..your comments means a lot..! and i am happy you liked it.. :) yes indeed love is about giving and forgiving but then whom we love and want..isnt really there! so how does it make a difference!! and after you've lost what you really loved.. life's just a compromise..!

  5. your share is there and will always be there to be bestowed upon you, it may happen the other way by some other spiritual soul who will understand the spirit of your soul... its there, believe me... jz keep smiling...

    chill chill chilll ankita... :)

    "jo jaa raha hai, use jaane do... wo aapka nahin..
    baaris ki wo boond ka hi hame ehsaas hota hai jo hamari hai... warna qaynaat me mausam to kai aate hai..."

  6. @Bhargav : well said :) brought a smile on my face..thank you :)

  7. Well written but life cannot be a compromise unless you make it seem that way..
    Love is not just about feelings for another human or maybe it is but what I know is that if you love yourself before another person, life will never be a compromise...
    Chill Ankita n love yourself more as you need to realise there is nothing more imp than appreciating your own goodwill and your own life... :)


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