Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crystal Clear...

There are times when one’s so confused about what to do in future..whether to leave everything..every hope or just give it a try once more..whether to start from the scratch or move on and believe that it happened for a reason. One moment of your life you’re absolutely sure what to do and the other you just sit back and wonder why and what the hell am I doing? They say always to think before you act..think before you speak.. but there are times when you just want to do it without thinking it may be out of excitement or trusting your own guts but you do it. And sometimes the results are good and sometimes well worse than ever!!! To be honest am a person who relies on my gut feeling or to say intuition on anything. What I think is what I do but at times I do commit mistakes and then repent the hard way. Sometimes nothing is crystal clear..but then is life really tht clear? Just when you know everythings perfect something or the other will come and ruin it and you’ll have to mend it even with no fault of yours.. or maybe even if you’re at fault its blowed out of proportion!

At times it happens whom you love the most is hurt by your actions..and even though you try to make it right it wont appear right to them anymore!! And thats right even..because at the first place you did hurt them didn’t you? Then why do you expect them to forget it and be normal with it..yes everyone does mistakes but you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes and not repeat in future..but as the *worst idiot* I consider myself sometimes I don’t learn from my mistakes..!! Sometimes my mind stops working (though it dsnt work itna zyada bhi but jitna karta i rely on it utna) and I really mess up things and then complain and pray to god to solve it! Rather than facing them myself I try to hide and escape it and think that this period will be over..what I don’t get is that till the time I don’t face it myself it wont get over!!! Well this post is just talk some sense into me when am wrong which is sometimes now (yes it has reduced to sometimes bcos i have grown a bit i think :P). Just a post to say SORRY to all my loved ones whom I’ve hurt unfortunately. Though this post had to to be posted little while ago but I got late as little shuffling has happened in my life which am not LIKING IT! More on that later... :)


  1. Hmm...interesting. More interesting would be to know who were the intended target audience for this post. Written in a style very personal, it does convey genuine feelings, and a rendezvous with genuine feelings always leaves my heart warmer.
    Thought there are areas in they way you write which may be worked upon, I think it is best to ignore them. What works for you is the easy personal style of writing, which the readers are able to connect with.
    Well done kid!

  2. @Saumya : thank you :) so glad you appreciate it :) it really means alot.. thank youu so much!!!!! :) love you loads!!

  3. you are connecting back to your self... and thats gonna help you a lot, and hey.. we all make mistakes coz then only we all gonna learn...

    keep smiling and do take serious notes of what wrong has been will help move ahead..

  4. So true...truly reflects me ;) good work sishter :)


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